Auditions for Strathfield Musical Society’s May  2019 production of Ladies in Black are scheduled for 19th and 21st November 2018

Ladies in Black

Ladies in Black is a coming of age story of a young, intelligent “bookworm” embarking on a summer job between completing her Leaving Certificate and hopefully starting a degree in Literature at Sydney University.

With a rare focus on women’s stories in a time when women were expected to get married and be housewives or at most become sales assistants, teachers or secretaries, Lesley (or Lisa as she prefers to be called) and her new colleagues at Goodes find that their lives are changed over the course of the Christmas rush and the January sales.

In addition to examining women’s roles in society, prejudices of the unknown and unfamiliar are challenged at a grass roots suburban level at a time when Sydney was on the verge of becoming the multicultural, cosmopolitan city that it now is.
(Thanks to Broadway World)

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