Auditions & Cast

Cast List

Reverend Mother ~ Katherine Cassidy
Sister Mary Hubert ~ Jodie Blewitt   Sister Mary Amnesia ~ Christine Forbes   Sister Robert Anne ~ Lauren Whelan   Sister Mary Leo ~ Kiri Jenssen

Father Virgil~ Peter Reid    Sister Mary Wilhelm ~ Caterina Tannous    Brother Timothy ~ Jussi Jenssen   Sister Mary Luke ~ Gemma Sinclair   Sister Mary Brendan ~ Jordan Berry   Sister Julia, Child of God ~ to be confirmed


David Mosley ~ Justin Jones ~ Michel Tannous ~ Rodney Skuse  ~ Angela Mosley ~ Karen Firmstone ~ Katherine Pech ~ Katrina Duff ~ Louise Devine Marianne Hidi ~ Michelle Ramsay ~ Sharon Palmer ~ Sue Groesz ~ Susan Lockwood ~ Tanya Davidson

Auditions for Nunsense

Orientation Night was held the 29th May 2019,
at the Latvian Theatre.

Monday, 3rd June at 7:30pm

Wednesday, 5th June from 7:30pm
Sunday, 9th June from 11am


All auditions at the Latvian Theatre,
32 Parnell St, Strathfield

To book your audition, please contact Cathy Boyle on 0420 352 771 or at

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